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Fan Art by StArt Faire artist CalimonGraal and creator of Psychteria

Mini comics by CalimonGraal

Karaoke Zage and Lyall Baking Zage and Link and Lyall as Navi
Damon and Lyall Damon Suited Up Damon Suited Up

Fan Art by StArt Faire writer Rebel Vampire

Lyall and friends in an irish pub Damon and Sen from Psychteria Damon and Lyall

Fan Art by MappyPaint creator of University of Speed

Damon and friends Damon and Lyall

Fan Art by avimHarZ creator of The Angel with Black Wings

Lyall Damon Damon with The Angel

Fan Art by Jaime Camille artist of Kindred Skies


Fan Art by Tenor creator of Entanglement: Along the Seam

Lyall Damon

Fan Art by Phenylketonurics creator of There's No Such Thing as Jason -- I.T.

Damon and Faith