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KhyatiX World Information

x Three Planes

The gross physical plane, the astral plane, and the causal plane are the three different planes within creation. The physical plane is one of perceived solid matter, the astral plane is one of energy, and the causal plane is ideational. Of these three planes the gross physical plane is the lowest and the causal plane is the highest. Within all three exist their own worlds and universes, which pertain to their qualities of solid matter, energy, and thought.

x Reincarnation

There are three planes in the universe, the physical, astral, and causal. Respectively these three planes exist inside of man as well with the three bodies. The outer physical body, the astral body made of energy, and the causal body made of thought. At death the outer physical body is thrown away and the soul returns to the astral world in it's astral body. The ultimate goal is to cast off all three bodies and return to the source, which would be God. Each soul is an individualized aspect of God, that even when returning to the source retains it's unique qualities but is still part of the one. But, as long as a soul has desires and attachments to things within one of the three worlds they must continue to incarnate there. So it is not a simple thing to be done with one of the worlds, and usually after someone dies they will either return almost immediately to the physical plane to live again or they will take a brief respite in an astral world and then come back. There are also the free souls who choose to come back in order to help the souls who are not yet free from incarnating.

x Time

In all of the stories time is circular, always ascending and descending in cycles. It follows the Yuga system of Hindu philosophy; Kali, Dwapara, Treta,and Satya yugas. With Kali being the lowest yuga and Satya the highest.

x Karma

The divine law that your actions create your circumstances. Choices you've made in previous lives have created the conditions for your current life ("we live by the choices we make").

x God

The source of energy, that which is everything and everyone within the entirety of creation, creation itself. God's nature is unconditional love, and nothing can ever be separate from it.

x Gods/Deities

They are beings similar to angels who are assigned to govern varying things within the three planes, but generally have more free will than angels. They also sometimes take on lesser forms in order to interact within creation. Even while in lesser forms they still retain their divinity.

x Soul Mates

At the time of a soul's creation they are born as a pair. The two souls are always a balance to each other.

x Angels

The angels in KhyatiX stories mostly follow the Christian angelic hierarchy. Most angels are created specifically to serve God and do not incarnate or have a soul mate. Angels are numerous and their duties differ greatly depending on where they are needed. Each of the three planes have angels to watch over them in some form or another based on what that plane needs. Even not highly advanced humans can at death become a low form of angel that watches over their loved ones during the rest of their lives. Wings on angels are more of a choice of the angel themselves than an absolute, as it is a physical feature that is not needed to fly but more to inspire awe and be symbolic.

x Jinns

They are beings who's bodies exist in between astral and physical bodies and are made of fire. They have power over fire and can often shapeshift as well (but not all Jinn can shapeshift). Angels who fall from grace become Jinns, but not all Jinns are fallen angels. When an angel becomes a Jinn they have black wings, a tail, and horns, representing their merging with the physical world as they take on the characteristics of animals. Their skin also becomes red and burning hot. Known full Jinns in the story are Rex and Sotiris, who both ripped their wings off. Rex also changed his skin color to be what it was when he was an angel, while Sotiris chose to stay red.

x Devils

A devil is anything who's specific role within creation is to be in opposition to the forces of good, in order to keep in balance the dualistic nature of the physical plane.

x Demons

Demons: There are four main kinds of demons;

The first kind of demon was originally created during ascending ages via genetic engineering, where the DNA of humans and animals were sliced together to create subservient beings that were used as slaves. Eventually these mutations were no longer treated as slaves and became their own races. During the descending ages these human/animal hybrids were again targeted and eventually killed off, or went into hiding.

The second kind of demon are beings who came to earth either from other planets or the astral plane that had ethereal bodies that were consumed by the physical forms of animals their ethereal bodies interacted with. These beings also became human/animal hybrids.

The third kind of demon are low level astral beings with evil tendencies who come to the physical plane to partake in lower energy activities and desires.

And finally, the fourth kind of demon is anything that has become corrupted by evil tendencies.

x Planet Seeds

Every planet has an energy source that is needed to sustain it. Usually the Planet Seed is the soul of the planet, that exists with it from the time of it's creation to the time of it's end, but there exists lesser man made planets where an outside energy source has to be found to sustain the planet. Without this energy source the planet will die.

x Satyrs/Fauns

Used interchangeably, even though at one time they were different. They're half human half goat and have a natural talent for music. Their voices are alluring to humans and they pick up instruments easily. They also prefer to live in forests to big cities and tend to have large families. They descended from human/animal hybrids with a magic based heritage as well, as their kind was friendly with the gods in the descending higher ages. They have the ability to take on human form and blend in with society with the aid of a magic incantation which is sealed within a piece of jewelry, and charged with the power of the sun.

x Fairies

Fairies are astral creatures that both exist in the astral plane and coexist with the physical plane. Despite existing in the physical plane they generally can't be seen with physical eyes; except by those who were born gifted due to karma from a past life, or by those who are practitioners of energy control. As to the specific types of fairies there are many. Usually to exist within the physical plane they take energy from something physical such as animals or plants. Some fairies are also born into the physical plane from strong human desires, and aid in fulfilling that desire. Almost all fairies can shapeshift, and they do not reproduce as humans do as they are not fully physical beings. Sometimes low astral demons will also be classified as fairies.

x Aliens

Any being that is not originally from the planet of the story is classified as an alien.

x Vampires

There are three main types of vampires:

The first type of vampire are the unfortunate beings who were cursed by witches. Because of it being a curse the specifics of the curse vary based on the unique wording of the original caster, but a certain consistency always remains. Having to live either off of stealing others energy or drinking blood to obtain energy is what would define someone as a vampire via the curse. A cursed vampire can also pass on their "curse" to their progeny, but it is not absolute. The curse did become streamlined by most magic users based on the influence of folklore; so stories of vampires also helped to create this form of vampire. In regards to Draco he needs to acquire energy through the blood of others, but he will not die if he doesn't drink blood; just fall into suspended animation (appearing to be asleep). He also will not burn in sunlight, but his eyes are blind (which he corrects with special glasses he's enchanted to see). Most other peculiarities he has relates to him as a magic user.

The second type of vampire are the ones who were developed via genetic engineering. While created to be stronger, limitations were also imposed upon them in order to keep them subservient to humans. Vampires of this type live off of blood, don't age, burn in sunlight, are faster and stronger than humans, but can be killed and/or get sick and die (albeit their immune system is very good so getting sick is a much rarer occurrence than in humans). Drinking the blood of someone younger is also more effective than that of someone older for sustaining them. If a vampire of this nature doesn't drink blood often enough they'll die, they also cannot make other vampires via biting them but can reproduce as humans do.

The third type of vampire are those that live off of the energy of others to live. They are energy vampires. No other special characteristics are specifically given to them.

x Witches

Beings who are able to control energy (or "magic") that don't always follow the divine law in their usage of their powers, and often abuse it for their own gain. Their powers are generally used to serve themselves and not others.

Magic vs. Technology: Magic and technology coexist together as they are both founded on science. Technology is created while magic creates.

Meditation is one way to control energy. You can move the energy from the base of the spine to the top of the head, charging the body. By doing this you not only energize the brain but the whole body; because the energy travels throughout the body while being moved, and washes down the whole body when at the top of the head, like a floodgate.

Within the spine there are points of energy called Chakras. Each chakra has a corresponding element that makes that element easier to control once a person has moved their energy awareness into that chakra. Other powers manifest as well as the individual becomes more and more in control of the energy within themselves by moving up through the chakras.

Energy is also vibration. Vibration can be felt through your hands and feet most easily, also why those are points which a character can most easily use magic from, and why touch can be so important in cases of certain powers, such as healing. Touch can also be dangerous because of it's exchange of energy. If the other person has a lower vibratory nature it can effect someone with a higher vibratory nature; stealing the higher person's energy, and lowering it. Words and thoughts are also strong proponents of energy control.

Sex is hazardous to energy control because it keeps energy at the base of the spine, making it difficult to move throughout the spine to the top of the head. Like with a battery, if you use a battery that is already not fully charged it will quickly die. A person who's whole body is charged with energy is a full battery, but one who's energy is all down at the base of the spine is nearly empty to begin with. There are ways, however, to utilize sex for energy control (or to be unaffected by it). But typically it is best to avoid.

Love has the greatest amount of energy of any emotion. Love can charge an energy battery the quickest. Sex does not equal love.

Types of Magic:

x Thought

Being able to effect change through pure ideational will; the highest form of magic. Incantations and mantras can work via thought as well.

x Sound

Using the vibration of sound to move atoms; lower than thought. Symbols and diagrams can be used in conjunction with this. Certain phrases will also be more charged than others vibration wise; which is why for a lower energized person they will need to stick with spells that have already been written vs. making their own and relying solely on their own will.

x Touch

Lower than sound, being able to directly effect the energy of another person or object with your own energy via touching. Best used for healing and psychometry.

x Sight

Being able to see auras, past lives, and ghosts. One does not necessarily need that high of an energy level to do these things, however, the higher the energy level of the person who can do these things equals the more they can see in terms of it. This power can also be inherited through karmic merit from past lives.

x Curses

A force of will imposed upon another person, with karmic ramifications if it is not acted out. Even a person without much energy control can cause a curse through a moment of extreme emotion. Curses can not be broken because it was the person's own karma that drew the curse to them.

x Objects

Amplifiers:An item that is used to amplify the energy of the user. It contains stored energy from it's creator that allows the user to utilize it and strengthen their own energy. It can also store energy from the user, building up the amplifier's energy over time and making it more powerful. It can also help a person with lower energy to perform things that would otherwise have been impossible.

Magic dampeners: Items can be used to suppress energy and therefore prevent magic from being used. This works by the item absorbing energy into itself; such items can also be used as an amplifier if used by someone with a high enough power to negate the dampening effect.

Objects with specific powers: An incantation or mantra can be placed within an object by trapping the vibratory sound inside of it. This can give items specific purposes. Items can also have specific purpose if a person with a high enough energy level is able to record a certain vibration within the item (in this case without the use of sound); creating the desired effect. To do this the person would normally have a strong enough will to control their energy through thought, however, it can be achieved through touch as well if the desire to create the object is strong enough. In the silent case, the vibration would never leave the object unless it was willed otherwise by the person who created it. An object that's power comes from incantations or mantras can lose it's power if the vibration is released though. Usually there would be a corresponding symbol to help trap the vibration within the object in this case.

x Potions

Nature has it's own vibration and energy. Potions can be made that can effect change in energy and vibrations via something that is put into the body, rather than being from the body. In the same way a drug can cure disease, other such things can be made to change cells within the body; using the energy of something else to create change rather than your own energy.

x Shapeshifting

Being able to rearrange the atoms of one's body by the power of visualization, thereby changing their form to whatever they can mentally create. This ability only effects the individual and nothing outside of them. A person who can shapeshift doesn't necessarily have any other abilities even though it's a high energy task (particularly if it is a power they are born with). When this is the case it can be thought of as a birth inheritance power created through karmic merit.

Character Lives