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Q: What does Zenchav mean?
A: Zenchav is the name given to Damon by Rex at his birth. Likewise, Damon is the name his mother gave him after Rex left. The name Zenchav in relation to Damon is symbolic of his demon self.

Q: What gender is Lyall?
A: Lyall is a male fairy with the ability to shape shift into anything that exists within nature. He usually identifies as male but certain situations and soul associations make him become ambiguous.

Q: How did Lyall give birth if he's a man?
A: When Lyall was shape shifted into a woman he was 100% a woman. He gave birth the same way any other woman would have.

Q:At what age did Lyall think it was okay to sexually pursue Damon?
A: When Damon was around 23, which was also the year Damon's mother Liberty died. Out of respect for Liberty he didn't think it was right to hit on Damon while she was alive (Lyall didn't kill Liberty XD). Lyall also didn't want to take advantage of Damon while he was a child and he didn't start seeing him as an adult until then as well.

Q: Are there Hindu influences in the story?
A: Yes, definitely. Many of the base principles for the story are based on Eastern Philosophy with a strong foundation in Indian beliefs. The further the story gets into itself the more obvious this will become.

Q: How does time work in this story?
A: Time is based off the yuga system in Hinduism, where it ascends and descends in cycles. The specific diagram it's based off of is in Swami Sri Yukteswar's Holy Science [Image]

Q: How does reincarnation work in this story?
A: There are three worlds in the universe, the physical, astral, and causal. Respectively these three worlds exist inside of man as well with the three bodies. The outer physical body, the astral body made of energy, and the causal body made of thought. At death the outer physical body is thrown away and the soul returns to the astral world in it's astral body. The ultimate goal is to cast off all three bodies and return to the source, which would be God. Each soul is an individualized aspect of God, that even when returning to the source retains it's unique qualities but is still part of the one. But, as long as a soul has desires and attachments to things within one of the three worlds they must continue to incarnate there. So it is not a simple thing to be done with one of the worlds, and usually after someone dies they will either return almost immediately to the physical plane to live again or they will take a brief respite in the astral world and then come back. There are also the free souls who choose to come back in order to help the souls who are not yet free from incarnating.

Q: What do the colored speech bubbles mean?
A: They're meant to help spot the same soul, a character with the same soul will have the same bubble color as one of their other lives. Sometimes it's hard to tell because some colors don't vary that much from others, unfortunately.

Q: Is Rex the ruler of Hell?
A: No, Rex is a fallen angel and is either referred to as a Jinn or a Devil, of the two Jinn is more accurate. He is not the only Devil/Jinn and there is no actual Heaven or Hell place in the story. He is, however, the head of an organization that he founded called the Demon Council that exists outside of time.

Q: What are the order of their lives?

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