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About KhyatiX

KhyatiX is the project name for works affiliated with the comic artist Draco Plato. The comics that are under the KhyatiX logo are all connected through an overarching plot based on the multiple lifetimes of the characters. KhyatiX also includes StArt Faire, an online monthly comic magazine where artists are able to submit their works.

Draco= Draconian Law, Plato= Philosopher

DOB: 9/12/xx
Favorite Colors: Blue, white, and gold
Favorite Manga & Anime: Please Save My Earth
Favorite Movies: Peter Brook's The Mahabarata, Excalibur, Tombstone, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Gopaal Krishna, Mahadev Devon Ke Dev
Favorite Music: Showtunes, Opera, JPop, Pop, Classical
Interests: History, Theology, Mythology, Philosophy
Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Sewing, Papier Mache

Other: Draco Plato is a full time artist and comic creator with a BA in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, who is also the founder of StArt Faire and KhyatiX. They're a stay at home recluse who loves to spend time with their dog babies, Baxter and Bindi.